Frequently Asked Questions

how much does it cost?

We have three tiers for pricing starting at $450 for a professionally written series of stories in a published book. The second tier starts at $650 and includes the addition of professional design work (i.e. illustrations, etc.). Third tier is a complete custom project to your liking.

Once we get a chance to learn more about your stories and the scope of the project you want to undertake (which we do through preliminary emails or a phone chat), then we can crunch the numbers and hand off a quote. 

What does the final product look like?

StorySprings clients have a lot of options when it comes to transforming their personal stories into a finished product. Most people choose to create paperback books filled with their StorySprings stories and supplementary photos. Others opt for a single framed piece to hang on the wall where they can see it often. StorySprings is open to whatever creative ideas you have! We have a list of recommended and preferred creative companies we use for video work, photography, and printmaking if any of these options appeal to you. We're eager to see how your story will take form! 

How long does it take?


Will you work with clients from afar?

The average StorySprings collaboration, editorial, and production cycle takes about eight weeks. Because a meeting or two is required to conduct the interview, and because people tend to have busy lives, the process can be at the mercy of our 2019 planner. With cooperation and clear communication of deadlines, we can expedite the process. 






Of course! We’re eager to hear stories from our neck of the woods (Twin Cities) to Timbuktu. In fact, our very first client told her story from New Zealand! Whether over the phone, via Skype or in-person, we’ll take clients in any form or fashion. For interviews via phone, we build in a few technology checkpoints prior to our interview(s) to ensure we have a good connection. If we need to travel for in-person meeting, we may tack on a few extra dollars