At a certain point, life brings you face to face with the biggie questions: Why am I here? What does my life mean, and what has it meant? How do I make sense of this life? We at StorySprings believe that answering those questions through storytelling is one of the most important, rewarding projects you can take on. And we want to be the ones to help you do it.

Well-told stories offer glimmers of truth and meaning, insight on a person or a family. StorySprings helps to write those stories with eloquence and elegance.

The stories you tell yourself (and others) about what you’ve done and what you think, put you in control of the legacy you leave.

StorySprings knows that the past is littered with touchstones, detailed memories, events, principles, and beliefs, that, taken collectively, comprise who you are. We know that there is never just one story, but that there are legendary yarns that speak volumes when it comes to explaining who you are, what you’ve done, and what it has meant. Those are the stories that stand out in the creekbed, glittering. That’s what we mine for.